BBC: North Korea Claims CIA Plotted to Kill Kim Jong-un

The ISIS Threat Colloquium (Part 2)

by Sundar J.M. Brown, ed.

The BBC is reporting (as is every mainstream media network) that North Korea has uncovered a joint CIA/South Korean plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un by a North Korean agent identified only as “Kim”.

My take: even if such an assassination attempt were to succeed, the leadership vacuum would be quickly filled by a fanatical individual waiting in the wings. Unless and until there is successful direct intervention in the country, and a full and complete dissolution of the border/DMZ between North and South Korea– something similar to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall– the “Hermit Kingdom” will remain defiantly authoritarian.

In fact, such an assassination would almost certainly see the DPRK hunker down and sink to even deeper levels of depravity, sacrificing much larger portions of its citizen population’s well-being than it currently does for the sake of hyper-aggressive militarization, nuclear weapons development, and perhaps even an assault on South Korea “just to make a point”.

Wounded and/or rabid animals, backed into a corner and operating solely and unequivocally on the basis of mass-brainwashed fear narratives, know only how to attack ceaselessly until they meet their own demise. Thus, any such assassination plot successfully executed must necessarily be supported by an immediate air and ground force incursion into DPRK space– something akin to the liberation undertaken by the Allied forces on D-Day which, as we know, did not end without a hell of a fight and a subsequent massive toll in combat casualties (including casualties on the mental health of those who survived the fighting).


Next step by DPRK will likely be to ferret out this alleged perpetrator-assassin, “Kim” (also a great novel by Rudyard Kipling, if you have the time to read it) and publicly execute him. Whomever they choose is sure to be a patsy.


So, if your name is “Kim” and you live in North Korea, watch out, because you’re on the government hit list!


Wait a second… that would mean… I can’t make this stuff up.



About Sundar JM Brown

A University of Pennsylvania-trained South Asianist, Seminary-educated Theologian, and Intelligence Community Professional, Sundar J.M. Brown specializes in analysis of Theoterrorism, Counterterrorism and HUMINT Operations. His regional focuses include terror groups/acts in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, the Middle East and Africa. His primary expertise is Theoterrorism, the intersection of Terrorism and Theology. His present research focuses on apocalyptic themes in terrorist ideologies and on the theological components informing the radicalization and deradicalization of Violent Religious Extremists and Militants. He is the Founder and Director of the IntelliGen Conference on Religion & Violence. *Sundar's Twiter: @SundarJMBrown *Sundar's YouTube Channel: *Sundar's Blog:
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