Summarizing Trump: ABORTION

“The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect the rights of its citizens. Life is the most fundamental right. The federal government should not diminish this right by denying its’ protection. I am opposed to abortion except for rape, incest and life of the mother. I oppose the use of government funds to pay for abortions.”           Google search for: “Donald Trump Abortion”, Sep 16, 2016

“As far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, I’m pro-life,” Trump asserted on the debate stage at the University of Houston.

In 10th GOP debate, Marco Rubio steps up to the plate against Donald Trump

CBS News – Feb 26, 2016

Trump also wrote: “Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best.”

Ted Cruz ad, assailed by Trump, leaves out Trump’s declared shift on abortion – Feb 17, 2016

“I’ve become pro-life,” Trump continued, “and the reason is, I’ve seen — in my case, one specific situation — but numerous situations that have made me to go that way.”

Donald Trump Promises To Appoint Anti‑Abortion Justices To Supreme Court

The Huffington Post – May 11, 2016

Trump replied, “Well, I think that what we’re doing — and I think it’s a very important element in what I’ve done — I have become pro-life.”

Here’s How Trump Answered When Asked if He Would Appoint Supreme Court Justices Willing to Overturn Roe …

TheBlaze – May 11, 2016

“I’m pro-life, but with the caveats. It’s: Life of the mother (very important), incest and rape,” Trump said.

I asked psychologists to analyze Trump supporters. This is what I learned.

The Washington Post – Oct 15, 2015

“Look, Planned Parenthood has to stop with the abortions,” he told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Trump not sure about past donations to Planned Parenthood

The Hill – Aug 16, 2015

Trump, explaining why he was inspired to change his position on abortion, spoke of watching an unnamed friend decide against ending a pregnancy: “It was going to be aborted and that child today is a total superstar. It is a great, great child.”

The 14 Wildest Moments From the First Republican Debate

Vanity Fair – Aug 6, 2015

“I am against abortion… and that is a tremendous amount of the work they do,” he said in regards to whether or not he is against defunding Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump Gets Womansplained On Planned Parenthood

The Huffington Post – Sep 10, 2015

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, Trump said, “Planned Parenthood does a lot, a really good job in a lot of different areas, but not on abortion.”

Trump: ‘Planned Parenthood Does Some Very Good Work’ [VIDEO]

The Daily Caller – Feb 21, 2016

In an op-ed published on the Washington Examiner’s website on Jan. 23, Trump wrote that his views on abortion were changed by a “personal experience that brought the precious gift of life into perspective for me.”

Antiabortion activists to Iowa voters: ‘Support anyone but Donald Trump’

The Washington Post – Jan 26, 2016

Again in 1999, Trump stated to the Associated Press, “I believe it is a personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors.”

3 questions evangelicals should ask about Donald Trump

KKOH – Jan 6, 2016

“I’m not supporting Planned Parenthood,” Trump quipped back.

‘You Have Bad Researchers’: Trump Knocks O’Reilly As the Host Questions Him on Planned Parenthood

TheBlaze – Sep 9, 2015

Sixteen years later during the Fox News debate on Aug. 6, he said, “I am pro-life …. I hate the concept of abortion. And then since then, I’ve very much evolved. I am very, very proud to say that I am pro-life.”

Trump has record of flip‑flops – though it hasn’t stopped rise in polls

Fox News – Aug 28, 2015

Asked by Todd if he’d shut down the government over Planned Parenthood’s abortion services, Trump said, “I’d have to think about it. It bothers me greatly that they’re doing the abortions.”

Donald Trump on ‘Meet The Press’: Abortion OK If Mother “Close To Death” – Aug 16, 2015

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