Q&A w/Michael Scheuer on American Isolationism & Refugee Response

michael-scheuer-profileMichael F. Scheuer is an American academic, author, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst. He is a retired Intelligence Officer whose more than 20-year career included serving as the Chief of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s Bin Laden Unit (1996-1999). Dr. Scheuer is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Peace and Security Studies, and a staunch proponent of non-interventionism and America First.

Question by JOHN V: Are you suggesting that the USA become isolationist? We cannot do so and every thinking person knows that it is impossible for the only hegemon on the globe to bury its head in the sand. Many of us agree that we are foolish to intervene in many of the he said/ she said among countries and states… Perhaps an America First philosophy will tend to keep us from unintended entanglements which have limited American security interests.

Answer by Michael Scheuer: You are certainly correct that isolation is an impossibility, and I have never championed it. It is possible, however, to stubbornly reassert out sovereignty and independence — your and Colonel Lindbergh\’s America First — and to fight or intervene abroad only when our material national interests are endangered. We must never, ever fight for abstractions like liberty, freedom, gender equality, and republicanism for other people, and caring for refugees and giving money to foreigners is the business of kind individuals and the churches, not the national government. We fight only when our national security interests — military and economic — are at risk and/or our way of life is clearly threatened, and that never has been a frequent occurrence.

Question by John V: There are few Americans who realize that over 40 members of their senators or representatives hold dual citizenship with Israel. In other words we are, by proxy involved in all Middle East issues that affect Israel….which is every issue.

Answer by Michael Scheuer: Holding two passports is still illegal and they [the 40+ senators or representatives holding dual citizenship with Israel] certainly should be made to choose, and if they choose the U.S. they ought to be removed from office and barred from any other position of trust under the Constitution.

Question by Bill C: So, then, the plight of the wretched souls fleeing war zones such as we now see should be handled solely by NGOs? Or possibly other Middle Eastern nations? Won’t that engender even greater hatred for the West? Or is it “which hatred is more dangerous,” true refugees or ISIS?

Answer by Michael Scheuer: “Wretched souls” are work for churches, NGOs, private individuals, and Bill Gates. The only wretched soles the U.S. national government is obligated to assist with U.S. taxpayer money are those who are U.S. citizens. Why is it so hard for so many to understand that we are responsible only for America? If we didn’t intervene abroad so expensively, frequently, and unnecessarily, there would be fewer wretched foreign souls and we would, perhaps, be able to feed the 25-percent of American kids who are malnourished.

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See Michael F. Scheuer’s full commentaries at: http://www.non-intervention.com/

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A University of Pennsylvania-trained South Asianist, Seminary-educated Theologian, and Intelligence Community Professional, Sundar J.M. Brown specializes in analysis of Theoterrorism, Counterterrorism and HUMINT Operations. His regional focuses include terror groups/acts in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, the Middle East and Africa. His primary expertise is Theoterrorism, the intersection of Terrorism and Theology. His present research focuses on apocalyptic themes in terrorist ideologies and on the theological components informing the radicalization and deradicalization of Violent Religious Extremists and Militants. He is the Founder and Director of the IntelliGen Conference on Religion & Violence. *Sundar's Twiter: @SundarJMBrown *Sundar's YouTube Channel: www.YouTube.com/SundarJMBrown *Sundar's Blog: www.SJMB.wordpress.com
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