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American Sniper’s Socio-Cultural War

by Sundar J.M. Brown I recently enjoyed (mostly, because Hedges is a talented writer) reading through Chris Hedges’ piece on the popular film, American Sniper , and I do recognize, and favor, the peace-building posture Hedges is both writing from … Continue reading

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On Poetry & the Creative Writing Process

When it comes, it comes. It remains the best course to take oneself, gracefully, out of one’s own way. As a friend, the author N.L. Verbeke notes, “When a child plays there is no effort and no hesitation.” As Verbeke … Continue reading

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On Intentional Depth

We do not think deeply because no one asks us to. What manner of excuse is this? We substitute profound living for something altogether surreal. What harm, there? -Sundar JM Brown

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Quintain 001

Born grey, we die grey. Death transforms us into the same hue with which we glowed in our first breaths of life. Between these two monochromes we mistake our true color. -Sundar JM Brown

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