The ISIS Threat_Part 1 of 5

PART I: Introducing the Speakers & Opening Remarks 

The ISIS Threat Colloquium (Part 1)


A colloquium featuring Sundar J.M. Brown and Walter Wagner on the history, logistics, and present-day capability of The Islamic State / ISIS / ISIL to extend their operations into the Domestic U.S.

Trained at the University of Pennsylvania as a South Asianist and Political Economist, Sundar J.M. Brown specializes in Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism Studies, HUMINT, and Intelligence Analysis within regional South and Southeast Asia. His localized concentrations include terror groups/acts in India, West Bengal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Philippines and cross-link with terror groups/acts in the Middle East and Africa. His primary research focus is the intersection of Terrorism and Theology.

Dr. Walter Wagner (Religion B.A., Gettysburg College, M.Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary, M.A., Princeton Theological Seminary, Ph.D., Drew University) is Adjunct Professor of World Religions at Moravian Theological Seminary. A specialist in heretics and heretical movements within religious traditions, Dr. Wagner is the author of numerous books, most recently Opening the Qu’ran: Introducing Islam’s Holy Book (Notre Dame Press, 1st ed., 2010) and one of the foremost authorities on Islamic theology and practice. His recent efforts have seen great success in generating ongoing Muslim-Christian dialogue in the greater Lehigh Valley Area.

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