Satirical Elitism- The Ivy Club: Prospectus

You wish you were in this picture.

Intelligent, classy, confident, rich, popular, sexy, aggressive, ambitious, cultured- these are merely a few of the distinguishing characteristics of High Society and of the Ivy League’s ruling elites.

Beyond the Hollywood surrealism of “The Skulls” and “Dead Poet’s Society”, beyond the fantasies of state school attendees, and much to the chagrin of the lower classes, such people do exist. They are us. We are them. We are The Ivy Club.

You wish you were in this picture, too.

At University, we ruled the social scene on our respective Ivy League campuses. Upon graduating, we became the leaders of tomorrow and today, serving as Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s of multinational financial institutions and within the United States’ government. To this day, whenever we enter a room, everyone takes notice. We present ourselves everywhere as if we own the place; quite frankly, we often do. Eagerly accepted elitism is born anew and finds a justifiable home in our personages and lives.

The bottom line? Whether they are comfortable admitting it or not, everyone wants to be just like us. They know it. We know it. Membership is rarely attained and scarcely extended. Nonetheless, secretly or publicly, one and all aspire to join The Ivy Club.



About Sundar JM Brown

A University of Pennsylvania-trained South Asianist, Seminary-educated Theologian, and Intelligence Community Professional, Sundar J.M. Brown specializes in analysis of Theoterrorism, Counterterrorism and HUMINT Operations. His regional focuses include terror groups/acts in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, the Middle East and Africa. His primary expertise is Theoterrorism, the intersection of Terrorism and Theology. His present research focuses on apocalyptic themes in terrorist ideologies and on the theological components informing the radicalization and deradicalization of Violent Religious Extremists and Militants. He is the Founder and Director of the IntelliGen Conference on Religion & Violence. *Sundar's Twiter: @SundarJMBrown *Sundar's YouTube Channel: *Sundar's Blog:
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