About “Think Again”

Written by Sundar J.M. Brown, Think Again spans the ideological spectrum, facilitating social commentary-based discussions on topics ranging from Behavioral Economics, Terrorism Research, and South Asian Studies, to The Synthesis of Science & Religion, Modern Faith Movements, and International Relations.

Think Again is a venue for an often free-written social analysis, and serves as the contemporary reader’s guide to stream-of-consciousness intellectualism via a successful merging of the Classical and Modern worlds.  All articles, commentary and analysis are authored by Sundar J.M. Brown, unless otherwise noted.

SJMBA University of Pennsylvania-trained South Asianist, Seminary-educated Theologian, and Intelligence Community Professional, Sundar J.M. Brown specializes in analysis of Theoterrorism, Counterterrorism and HUMINT Operations. His regional focuses include terror groups/acts in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, the Middle East and Africa. His primary expertise is Theoterrorism, the intersection of Terrorism and Theology. His present research focuses on apocalyptic themes in terrorist ideologies and on the theological components informing the radicalization and deradicalization of Violent Religious Extremists and Militants. He is the Founder and Director of the IntelliGen Conference on Religion & Violence.

*View a sampling of Sundar’s manuscripts and video lectures on Academia.edu.
*Twitter: @SundarJMBrown
*Facebook: www.facebook.com/SundarJMBrown

2 Responses to About “Think Again”

  1. Michael Eden says:


    It was a pleasure to survey your site and see your wisdom in piercing the veil protecting jihadist Islam.

    This veil was placed over a dangerous ideology by existentialist and postmodernist moral relativists, by literary and historical deconstructionists and most of all by pluralistic multiculturalists who championed the deadly idea that any ideology was worthwhile as long as it is opposed to Judeo-Christianity.

    Liberal progressives refuse to take Islam or the threat it poses seriously because they don’t believe in God, and think that anyone who is religious is stupid. And they believe they can control the stupid with their hollow rhetoric, specifically with their political correctness and its tactic of shaping “legitimate” debate by controlling language. The left believes it can make the jihadists their “useful idiots,” and use them in their own campaign to dethrone the Judeo-Christian worldview.

    The problem is that it will ultimately work the other way around, and the jihadists will use the liberals as THEIR useful idiots.

    I am not trying to argue that one must be a Christian in order to fight jihadist Islam. But whatever one’s worldview is, it must include the understanding that there are objective moral absolutes that are worth standing up and fighting for. And as these moral absolutes are eroded in the postmodernized West, there remains less and less of a foundation to stand upon.

    We all must ponder what we believe and understand why what we believe is objectively true. Or there will be no stopping the threat of increasingly radical Islam.


  2. excellent articles and good information here. looking forward to future articles. Cheers- EvS


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